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Have a restful spring break!

Dear families,

It was delightful to see all of you at Open House last week. The kids had been working very hard preparing for the big event. Our next hurdle is to get through STAR testing  starting the week after we get back from break. I’m sure you have already noticed that I’ve been doubling up on math assignments…so much to cover before testing. Over the break please continue to have the kids read as often as possible and then ask them to share what they read with open ended questions that requires them to stretch their thinking.

Thank you Mrs. Dial for heading the Spring Fling class project. Our poetry bench was wonderful, I only hope everyone had a chance to see it before the auction. The actual event at the Sheraton, in my humble opinion, was delightful. I liked the new location, I hope the drive was not a problem.

Wishing you all a restful spring break. Enjoy “my” kids, I leave them in good hands.

Mrs. Jones

FYI, Say NO to hollow chocolate bunnies  🙂 !

PS Thank you for all the new books I received to add to the class library from the Scholastic Book Fair, awesome!

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February 25th

I just posted tonight’s homework. Our district server prevents me from posting homework before I leave school at night so by the time I get home it is well after 5PM…I will try to be better about posting. There are many “due dates” and projects in the works at present. We are working on our letter to our authors in class, tomorrow the kids will meet with their buddy from Mrs. Robles class to work on story elements of the books they have been reading in class. Next week the kids will complete a Venn Diagram comparing two of the stories they have been reading. By the end of that week, March 5th or 6th, I’ll be sending home the poster board and poster elements for the kids to decorate and organize materials. Author poster is due March 17th. We are reading Charlotte’s Web in class, and learning how to summarize just the main facts of each chapter. I have asked the kids to bring in cereal boxes for yet another project, no Costco size please. More information to follow on Cereal Box book report.

Please do not hesitate to call or email if you have questions, buzy time of year! Report Cards coming home March 20th.

Mrs. Jones

Reminder: Field trip Friday…dress in layers, bring a sack lunch.

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President’s Week

Last week was a busy one. Our Valentine’s Party was a huge success, thank you to all for your support. Last Thursday was also the day of the GATE test. You would have been proud of the kids, working as hard as they could under the circumstances. Results will be coming in early March, but as far as I’m concern they are ALL exceptional children!

Our field trip to Marin Sanitary was very educational, not to mention the pigs and peacocks we saw. Thank you drivers…Next field trip is Feb. 27th to the deYoung Museum, this is an all day event! I have all the needed drivers 🙂

Enjoy this week off from school work. We are in the process of reading books in class on selected authors and learning to compare books, becoming familiar with the literary elements in stories, and will also be writing a letter to our authors. We also are reading Charlotte’s Web in class and learning about literature circles and how to hold a group discussion. When we get back the children will be learning about long division with remainders and starting two  chapters on geometry. Report cards will be coming out mid March.

You rarely have time for everything you want in life, so you need to make choices. And hopefully your choices can come from a deep sense of who you are.

Mr. Rogers

Take time to do want you want to do, not what you think you should do.

Mrs. Jones

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Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday is usually a big day for me, but with “my” boys not playing I watch for the commercials :).

Next week there will be no spelling words to practice, but we are moving into double digit multiplication so a review of math facts is a good idea. Also, the kids have a list of 28 prepositions they should be memorizing… I will be sending home a book for the kids to be reading for their assigned home reading on Monday. Please don’t forget about the weekly reading logs due on Tuesdays. On Monday, the kids will choose an author to start their “Author Project.” Mrs. Robles and I will be sharing books and the kids will meet with their partner in her class to discuss the books they are reading in class. A packet will be passed out tomorrow that explains all due dates and expectations for this project.

Thank you for the great response to the up coming field trips, I am in a very lucky position because I have more parents than I can use…especially to the deYoung Museum….I will be notifying you this week to the arrangements….thank you.

Many of you have asked me about how I can help my child with more math practice or reading for comprehension strategies. If math is the area, I would suggest your student bring his/her hard math text home at night. After every lesson there are additional practice questions at the back of the text. There are several tips I can share for reading comprehension, so please feel free to contact me and we can talk strategy.

As of Friday I was missing a couple of district forms…Indent to Return, it is a purple paper. This form is ued to help with upcoming enrollment placements. I’m also missing field trip permissions slips…Feb. 10th to the San Rafael Recycling Center and Feb. 27th to the deYoung Museum. Let me know if you need replacements.

Have a great week, we will be having our Valentine’s Day party on Feb. 12th, after lunch. GATE testing is also Feb. 12th, but that will be happening before snack recess.

Mrs. Jones

Let’s hope Mr. Ground Hog sees his shadow tomorrow….

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January 12, 2009

Welcome back and Happy New Year! Hope you all had a restful holiday and time to be with friends and family. Last week was a blur but we are back in our routine of working hard and making every minute count. We started a new activity of reading and discussing the elements of a mystery book. All students have a mystery book that they should be reading for homework and will also be given time to read in class daily. The kids can also use this book as their book report book project for the genre of mystery and possibly take an AR test on it too. Don’t forget to record book on the reading log.

Next week the kids will be rotating to Mrs. Ratto/Curtis room for Bully Proofing and the start of the energy science unit. We have completed learning all the lower case cursive letters and will now start the upper case letters…when we are finished, the kids will be required to write in cursive , except in math and spelling test. We are taking a brief break from multiplication and division, but please continue to practice math facts. Currently we are working on graphs, graphing and probability but will return to 2 digit multiplication and 3 digit division.

just a thought on: Dreams and Goals….

If you don’t know where you want to go,

any road will take you there.

African-American Proverb

Have a wonderful week, get outside and enjoy this beautiful weather, we know it will turn cold again soon.

Mrs. Jones

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December 23, 2008

Dear Families,

Have a wonderful holiday season and thank you so much for all the cards, gifts, munchies and a very generous Visacard that I will use for something very special…thank you.

May Christmas bring you the quiet that only a soul can hear, and the gift of understanding to carry through the year…

Mrs. Jones

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Week of December 15th

There is excitment in the air as the kids anticipate the arrival of the man in the red suit. This week we will have no spelling words, but there will be a Making Words activity sheet. We will have a math test on Tuesday on chapter 11, division. Don’t forget Tuesday reading logs, must be signed. Our Winter Party will be before lunch and lunch will be provided…”sliders.” We have a mystery reader after lunch on Friday and we will finish the Polar Express packets we have been working on the last few days. If I do not see you before break know my thoughts are with you and your families, peace and a joyous New Year.

Mrs. Jones

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Week of Dec. 8, 2008

Thank you to the moms who helped out on our field trip to Pt. Reyes…it was a beautiful day and “our” kids behaved in the true Rancho sense…awesome! We had been studing about the 1st people of Marin for about 3 weeks now, but seeing the village of Pule Loko gave meaning to everything they had been reading about in class.

We completed chapter 10 in math on Friday, but won’t have our test until Tuesday. Tomorrow we start division, so please continue reviewing those math facts. Also, wanted to remind you the reading log is due Tuesday…

The art of teaching consists in helping students feel that although you may stand in front of them, you’re really behind them.


Mrs. Jones

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Week of December 1st

Welcome back! Hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Vacation and had a chance to spend time with friends and family. I love Thanksgiving because it is a time to give thanks for all we have and not worry “if they will like it!” My son Aaron came up from San Luis Obispo and we were able to catch up on “stuff,” see a couple of movies and I had help getting all the Xmas boxes down from the shelves in the garage. I guess it is official now that “Black Friday” is over, only three weeks till Winter Break, yikes!!

I certainly enjoyed seeing all of you during conferences…please remember you can always contact me through email or voice mail if questions come up over the remaining part of year.

Just a reminder, field trip on Friday, we go rain or shine! Please pack a sack lunch and dress in layers. Over the next six weeks the kids will be going over to Mrs. Robles class T-Th afternoons for science, they will be looking at a unit on Life Sciences…starting with plants. I will be sending home a Reading Log on Tuesday, it will be due the following Tuesday morning…don’t forget to sign it please.

What is a weed?

A plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered.

Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

Enjoy the week…

Mrs. Jones

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Week of November 12th

Short week coming up…hope you were able to go out and enjoy the the dry weather, won’t be long till the rains come. Just a reminder that conferences start next Monday and I ‘m looking forward to sharing your child’s progress. If there were any major problems, we would already be talking and taking steps for improvement so please don’t worry about what I might have to share. 🙂 I sent home field trip notices last Friday for our trip to Pt. Reyes on Dec. 5th, will need drivers. Also sent home two book orders, last Friday. If you want me to hold the books for you because they might be a Xmas gift just let me know a head of time. Check back soon, I’m still trying to get my pictures of the Mystery Readers loaded…

Enjoy what is left of this week and I’ll see all of you next week.

Mrs. Jones

It is not enough to have a good mind.

The main thing is to use it well.

Rene Decartes (1596-1650)

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