Posted by: mrsjonesclass | September 8, 2008

Family Dinner

We are off to a great start! We started our study in science this week by tracing shadows on the playground and recording our predictions about the path of the sun. After much discussion we concluded the sun doesn’t move in the sky, but we are the ones moving. Next concept, rotation and revolution and how the moon is involved. As of now we have learned the c, d, a, g, and q in cursive, we push on to the i, j, and u. On Monday we start working on rounding numbers to the nearest ten, hundred, and thousand. I hope you have had a chance to take a look at the work coming home in the Friday folder, there is no better way to follow your child’s progress than going over the daily work. At times I send home papers that need to be corrected and returned to school on Monday.

I’m looking forward to Friday night and the Family Dinner, hope to see all of you there. Our class basket is coming along, only a few more days to donate, remember our theme “Loving Books.”

“I cannot live without books.”

Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)


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