Posted by: mrsjonesclass | September 23, 2008

Week of September 22

Another beautiful weekend, but where did that rain come from on Friday? In class we are continuing our exploration with the phases of the moon. Have you noticed that the moon can be seen during the day? Ask your son or daughter to explain how this can happen. 🙂 Last week we spent the Wednesday morning talking about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I know this is not what you would expect in 3rd grade, but all students nationwide spent Constitution Day discussing the importance of this very special document.

Tomorrow I will be sending home permission slips for our upcoming field trip to San Rafael to learn about guide dogs. If you are interested I still need at least 2 drivers depending on the amount of seats your vehicle can transport. I also sent a sheet explaining what you need to do to get DMV clearance…the office has the forms or I can run it off for you too. Please take the time now if you think you might want to drive on future trips…it takes about 10 days to clear.

I also wanted to share some sad news that pertains to my family and hope you will understand my absence in the next week. My mother-in-law who has been in my life since I was 14 passed away Sunday afternoon. The family knew her life was coming to an end, but it is still always sad when a loved one leaves you. Unfortunately, she lives in Washington so I have a bit of a way to travel. At this time, arrangements have not been finalized so I will be at school tomorrow for sure…please know I will leave detailed lesson plans for my sub to follow to make sure “our” kids will not suffer because of my absence.

Mrs. Jones

Patriots 2-1 😦

Just a thought:

When I play with my cat-who knows? She may be amusing

herself with me more than I am with her.

Michel De Montaigne (1533-1592)


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