Posted by: mrsjonesclass | October 12, 2008

Week of October 13, 2008

Whooo, the weeks are zipping by….

Just a reminder, on Thursday we are off to San Rafael to tour the Guide Dog facility. We will be leaving Rancho around 9:15 and will return for lunch. However, please pack a sack lunch for this day, just in case we are not back in time to buy lunch. Please dress the kids in layers (no shorts today), we will be outside the entire time. Thanks to all the many volunteers that offered to drive…remember we still have 3 more driving opportunities this year 🙂

The kids turned in their moon observations last Friday and we will spend time Monday afternoon talking and sharing those observations. I attached another moon log last week just in case you wanted to continue the experience with your child. ( not required, extra credit ) Over the course of the year I will be sending home other “family” homework, if for some reason you are unable to work with your child just send me a note and I will not hold your child responsible…I understand that things come up in our busy lives.

Last week I put together class book bags for each student. I used my fluency assessment and the leveling of AR to determine the reading ability. The books I put in their bags were pulled from different genre, books I thought a student might not be familiar with or pick out themselves. Each child will be responsible for reading these books in class, having a short conference with me on each book before trading a book.

Tomorrow we will be heading to the lab for extra time working in small groups of 4-5 students learning the ins and outs of “Word.” Misha’s brother will be helping us in the lab. Later that day, we will head back to the lab at our normal time and review taking test using AR. The kids will then take a quiz on the book we already read this year, Mouse and the Motorcycle. The Boxcar Children is another book the kids can test out of soon. When we were in the library last Friday, kids were told their level and asked to check out at least one AR book. We had our first “Mystery Reader” last Friday. Thank you Kristen’s mom, Ms. Irelan…we had a great time. There are still many dates open, and if you would like to come in more than one time, that is okay too!!

Also tomorrow we will be having an additional 30 minutes of PE. Mr. Gardner will be working with us and Mrs. Garaventa’s class till the end of the year. (9-9:30)

Busy in room 10.

Mrs. Jones

Purdue not looking too good…Patriots, without Brady not nearly as exciting, but watching my all time favorite quarterback, Drew Brees with the Saints is fun.

PS. Scholastic book order going in on the 15th, it was Science & Math books…


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