Posted by: mrsjonesclass | October 19, 2008

Week of October 20, 2008

Thank you to those who volunteered to drive to down to San Rafael last week to visit the puppies at Guide Dogs. What a wonderful day, I think most of us wanted to leave with a puppy! There are still 3 more driving field trips, so please get your paper work in if you think you might want to drive. Next trip, Dec. 5th, out to Pt. Reyes.

This week there will be no spelling list or test, but I will be sending home another “Making Words” sheet that will be due on Thursday, Oct. 23rd. We will be having daily DOL sheets and the test on Friday.  We are starting a math unit about “time” this week. After time, we start multiplication, it is not to to early to start working those flash cards, we start with 2’s & 5’s. On Tuesday, I will be at Lawrence Hall of Science at an all day workshop and Wed. I will be going up to Washington to attend my mother-in-law’s memorial service…returning the following week.

Our room moms have a fun Halloween Party planned for the 31st, don’t forget the parade is early in the morning…see you then.

Mrs. Jones

“It takes each of us to make a difference for all of us.”

Jackie Mutecheson

New England vs Denver, Monday night


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