Posted by: mrsjonesclass | November 12, 2008

Week of November 12th

Short week coming up…hope you were able to go out and enjoy the the dry weather, won’t be long till the rains come. Just a reminder that conferences start next Monday and I ‘m looking forward to sharing your child’s progress. If there were any major problems, we would already be talking and taking steps for improvement so please don’t worry about what I might have to share. 🙂 I sent home field trip notices last Friday for our trip to Pt. Reyes on Dec. 5th, will need drivers. Also sent home two book orders, last Friday. If you want me to hold the books for you because they might be a Xmas gift just let me know a head of time. Check back soon, I’m still trying to get my pictures of the Mystery Readers loaded…

Enjoy what is left of this week and I’ll see all of you next week.

Mrs. Jones

It is not enough to have a good mind.

The main thing is to use it well.

Rene Decartes (1596-1650)


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