About Me

Meet Mrs. Jones

So, who is Mrs. Jones? Well, I have been in the teaching profession for 25 years, having taught grades K-6…not all at once! This year will be my 5th year teaching 3rd grade and over the summer I have been working on some new projects. Every year has been memorable, as I have been lucky to teach such wonderful students. Rancho is a great place where I truly enjoy being around such enthusiastic students, staff, and parents.

Of all the experiences I have had through the many years in education, I can well-attest and believe that a sense of humor, combined with a sincere love and appreciation for children, mixed in with the current developments in education is what makes for a satisfying and rewarding career. Education is constantly changing and you must be prepared to change with it.

What do I like to do in my “free time?” I love to travel, always thinking about the next place to see and visit. I enjoy gardening, reading, and quilting. I carry in my car a book called A Quilter’s Companion Guide, it lists most of the quilt shops across the United States. Instead of looking for rest spots while traveling, I look for quilt shops. I love cheering on my favorite football teams; The New England Patriots and The Purdue Boilermakers!! My favorite animals are the sea turtle (Honu) the moose, and a new favorite I fell in love with after visiting Ireland this summer…sheep! I also like to listen to 60’s and 70’s music, enjoy warm weather, the beach at Kona, dark chocolate, and that first cup of coffee in the morning!

My major goal this year will be to help your child become successful at many different things, to think highly of themselves because they find themselves succeeding. A strong sense of self-esteem is basic to a student’s learning. I expect a lot from your child, and they respond. I try to teach students the value of hard work, and to give your best effort the first time. Developing a sense of responsibility for their own learning, their own behavior, and their own choices will be a major focus. We will accomplish these goals with many successful experiences in a pleasant, comfortable, but well-organized safe learning environment where your child will feel comfortable enough to take risks needed to succeed in learning. I believe great things can happen when we work together!


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