Several years ago I setup a class website that seemed to work very well. On this site you will find pages that address curriculum, expectations, homework, grading and behavior policies. You will also see that I post homework nightly and also cover any long term project due dates. I believe in no surprises! These pages are going to be the most important things you will need to know at the start of the year and handy for quick references.What I expect and how it works…

Homework Policy
What I expect and how it works…

Homework is given Monday through Thursday; however, it is possible a student might need to work over the weekend to complete an extended project. Homework can take the form of practice (mastering a specific skill), preparation (preparing students for upcoming lessons), or creation (project-based requiring several days or weeks). Homework and any unfinished class work assigned one day, is due the following day at 8:35!!

All students were given on the first day of school a planner to help keep them organized. The last 5 minutes of every day is spent writing down assignments and gathering needed supplies for that night’s homework. If you are checking your child’s planner and see nothing there, that is the time to start asking questions because you know assignments are given Monday through Thursday. If there is a weeknight where no homework is given, students are required to write “no homework” on the appropriate space.

Assignments that come home as homework, are skills or concepts that have been covered in class. I do not assign new concepts for homework. If your child is having difficulty with an assignment I encourage you to lend a hand. This is a terrific opportunity for you to see what your child knows. If you think more assistance was needed than necessary, please write a note and attach it to the homework piece.

All homework is to be turned into the correct slot every morning before the student sits down at their desk. If homework or classroom work is not in the correct slot by 8:30, it is late. A homework reminder form is given at this time. Please review this form with your student, complete the assignment and return the form the following day with parent signature. Students out due to illness will be given the appropriate time to complete any missed class or homework assignments. Please do not call for assignments until your student has been absent at least TWO days.

Expectations and Procedures for students in Mrs. Jones’s class

Only QUALITY work is accepted. This is the best work done at a specific time, which means it can always be improved upon at a later date. All papers must have a proper heading, no wrinkles or folds.

No put-downs and No judgments will be allowed in room 10. I believe the most important single thing I can do for my students in my class, both socially and academically, is to create a safe environment for them emotionally. I teach my students from day one that my class will be free of put-downs and judgments and I then go ahead and teach them how to do it.

Students will read and be familiar with Rancho’s rules. These rules are printed in the school folder each child receives the first day of school. We will review these rules at least once every report card period or as needed.

It has been my experience that students that attend Rancho School come with the attitude to learn. My responsibility as their teacher is to provide a challenging and exciting well-planned curriculum. By doing so, very few discipline problems occur. I do not have a set procedure for a disruptive student; I have found the “teacher look” solves 95% of all problems.

Behavior Expectations
What They Are and How They Work

The behavior expectations of Room 10 are found below. They are based on the premise that all children are entitled to a safe environment where everyone has the right to learn. **

Enter the room quietly and quickly.
Raise your hand if you have a question or comment.
Follow directions the first time they are given.

Name on the board (warning)
Name with one check (practice session, 10 minutes at lunch)
Name with two checks (practice session, all lunch, not good because Mrs. Jones misses her lunch too!)
Referral (parent called)
Name with three checks (student sent to principal)
Names are on the board for five days before being erased.

Verbal Response
Eagle Cards
Free time
Class Marble Party
A teacher that is not grouchy!!

**I believe that 95% of behavior problems in the classroom stem from the way we treat people; this goes for adults as well as students. Expect me to treat your son or daughter with dignity and respect, even in those difficult times where it might not be easy. I focus on behaviors and not on people as they are often two separate things.


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