March 9, 2009

HW: extra practice division problems, work on organizing author poster…the kids had the entire afternoon to work on Venn diagram and the 3 story maps (all reguired elements) Poster due March 17th

No official reading this week, but always appropriate. No DOL this week, but there is a “Content” packet due Thursday.

CW: Good-bye Winter Hello Summer poem

March 3, 2009

No reading assignment tonight, but you can ūüôā¬† Be prepared to write your Leprechaun story in class tomorrow. Remember, to mark your choice of the writing prompt, you must have a beginning, middle and an end…use the rough draft paper I gave everyone today, must be at least 1 1/2 pages long, no more than 2 pages. (have fun)

CW: PW 96, correct your author letter, cursive L & D,

March 2, 2009

HW: math ditto division with remainders, read for 20 minutes, your choice

CW: PW 95, review DOL, review spelling, Author project…fact sheets

Feb. 25th

CW: preposition ditto¬† “Object of Preposition”, Loops pg. 52, math PW 92-93

HW: Frindle, complete book for Friday-finish the last papge in the Lit. Circle packet for Friday

Review DOL, spelling test tomorrow  As time permits, research your author for facts, record in packet

Feb. 2, 2009

NUSD server has locked me out so I can not post homework before I leave school. I think this is a good time for each student to write down their homework in their planners as we review assignments at the end of the day. I will try to post homework when I get home, but this is not always possible…

Please note there will be no spelling words this week.

January 13, 2009

HW: read for 20 minutes, PS 63-64 PS 69-70

CW: spelling book pages 56-57, cursive x & z

January 12, 2009

HW: spelling words 3 ‘x each in cursive due Tuesday morning, signed reading logs due tomorrow also

read mystery book , bring to class tomorrow so you can read it during silent reading time

CW:¬† “ER” ditto, weekly reader, cursive “n”, PW 69

January 8, 2009

HW: Math pretest chp 13, read for 20 mins

tomorrow: DOL Quiz, Spelling test, Math test, making words due, math packet due –but I will accept Monday

CW: PW 67/68

cursive v and y

morph ditto

January 6, 2009

HW: Read “Looking through My Grandpa’s Eyes” (twice) DOL review 57, 58

CW: spelling book 51-53, What Is An Adjective ditto,

January 5, 2009

HW:Read for 20 minutes, Review DOL 57, Review spelling words

Reading Log due Tuesday,  1/13- Making Words due Friday, 1/9

CW: PW 64, cursive review ditto

December 18th

Read for 20 minutes

DOL Quiz

Making Words

Review Lines

Library Books due back

December 17th

HW: read for 20 mins, reading comprehension “Sugar Cone”

CW: math PW 64 pretest chp12

December 15th

HW: Signed reading logs due tomorrow

No spelling words this week, but there is Making Words

Math Pretest chp 11

read for 20 minutes

review DOL 52

CW: PW 59,60,61

Weekly reader, Geo Tracker and ditto

December 8th

No spelling words this week, however, there are Making Words due Friday (20 minimum, no 2 letter words) spelling packet due Friday and a math packet due Friday too…kids will have a chance to work on both of these in class. Reading logs due tomorrow.

read for 20 minutes nightly and review DOL quizzes

December 1, 2008

HW: read for twenty minutes, write missed spelling words 5 x’s each, review DOL and math facts nightly

CW: “l” cursive, math PW 50…Math test Friday chp 10

Passed out a Multiplication Packet today, not due till 12/12…kids should be working on it for classwork, but 1 or 2 pages a night is OK too.

November 20th

HW: review for chp9 math test, Thanksgiving Dinner (punctuation) read for 20 minutes

Don’t forget library books…..

November 19

HW: Math pre test chp9, Find the Pattern, Thanksgiving Homonyms

Spelling test tomorrow, spelling homework, DOL Quiz

November 18th

HW: read for 20 mins, “Gratitude Essay” PW 48

November 17th

HW: read for 20 minutes free choice, review spelling words and DOL, spelling ditto due Thursday, read in Science book pages 115-120

CW: Math PW 47, Autumn Harvest, Need A little Help

November 12th

HW: No spelling this week, read for 20 minutes (free choice) PW 45,

Math packet due Friday

CW: math pre test, chp 7…test Friday, cursive “b”¬† finish Tom Turkey pre write

November 4th

HW: Election News (packets) “Bunny” chp 3

CW: Finish Turkey Cinquain, Halloween Night

November 3, 2008

HW: Read chp 2 in “Bunny” be prepared to write to the question for chp 2 in the packet in class tomorrow

Review spelling words and DOL

CW: spelling book pages 36-37, PW 38 PS 35-38

October 30, 2008

HW: No Homework  (really)

CW: cursive h

October 29, 2008

HW: finish reading chp 1 in “Bunnicula” answer essay question for chp 1

Spelling packet due tomorrow, ABC order

CW: cursive h, practice 2’s and 5’s multiplication

October 20, 2008

HW: due Friday, elapsed time sheet One days activities, Sandwich from BCC  & completed worksheets plus the book, DOL quiz

due Thursday, Making Words…minimum 25 words

CW: PW 31 PS 29-30

October 16, 2008

HW: read chp 12 BCC, math worksheet review, catch up on BCC worksheets 1-10

October 15, 2008

HW: chp 11 read, complete chp 10 worksheet, review with pretest chp5 Math (money) spelling sentences due tomorrow

CW: spelling books pgs 28-29

October 14, 2008

HW: read chp 10 BCC, Spelling sentences due Thursday

CW: BCC worksheets chp 8 & 9, PW 28 1-15 odd All review problems

October 9, 2008

HW: chp 8 BCC, turn in moon observation Friday morning, DOL Quiz

CW: “r”, ghost gaph

October 7th

HW chp 6 BCC, Moon observation, review spelling words, review DOL

CW: poem “Responsibility” math PW 25

October 6, 2008

HW: chp 5 BCC, moon observation

CW: PW 25

October 2, 2008

HW: chp 4, Math test test tomorrow chp 4, Math practice H35 in math book

DOL quiz tomorrow

October 1, 2008

HW: chp 3 “BCC”, Math CW 23, spelling from Monday

CW: RW & PW 23, Packet Main Idea, Chp 2 questions from “BBC”

September 30, 2008

HW: chp 2 BoxCar, cursive “t”

CW: Weekly Reader plus ditto

September 29, 2008

HW: new book “Boxcar Children” read chp 1. spelling packet, making words, both spelling due Thursday

CW: PW 21. Fall poem, cursive “p”

September 25, 2008

HW: Finish “Mouse” bring book to class tomorrow, DOL Quiz tomorrow, cursive “w”

CW: PW 19 only, Loops bk “j”,

Library checkout tomorrow…bring back books

September 24, 2008

HW: CHp 12 “Mouse”, PW 18, PS 18 RW 18

Math test tomorrow chp 3 bring pretest back to school, Spelling test tomorrow: attach homework to pretest

September 23, 2008

HW: Mouse “Ch 9”

CW: Loops “t”, main idea details, math pretest,

September 22, 2008

HW: “Mouse” chp. 9, spelling list and words due Thursday

CW: graph “book” cursive w, packet with green slip, math PW 17

September 18, 2008

HW: Mouse chp 8, DOL test tomorrow, math ditto rounding

CW: PW 14 PS 11-14 Math

September 16, 2008

HW: read chp 6 “Mouse” , review for Math test chp 2

CW: cursive “i”, verb ditto, PW 13 & rounding ditto, 4 types of sentences

September 15, 2008

HW: Read chp 5 in “Mouse”, math pretest, chp 2

CW: PW RW 12

September 11, 2008

HW: math crossword puzzle read for 20mins, DOL test 9-12

CW: color world map, math ditto rounding 100 & 1,000, cursive

September 10, 2008

HW: read up to CHp 5, Math ditto, rounding, spelling worksheet due tomorrow

CW: loops pg 8,

September 9, 2008

HW: read up to chp 4 in “Mouse”, 2 math dittos rounding 10’s & 100’s

CW: 4 regions of CA, Weekly Reader & 2 dittos attached, Loops pg 7, review DOL 10, corrections PW 10 & math ditto rounding 10’s

September 8

HW: read chapter 3 Mouse & the Motorcycle, bring book to class tomorrow

CW: Math RW & PW 10

review DOL 9  review spelling words, ABC order due Thursday

Sept. 3rd

CW: Math PW 7

LA Noun ditto, “c” spelling ABC

September 2, 2008

HW Due Thursday, spelling ABC order Due Friday Mouse and the Motorcycle pages 11-27

CW: Math PW 6, cursive “q”, Nouns and More Nouns

August 28, 2008

HW: read for 20 minutes, review math pre-test chp 1, review DOL 1-4

Classwork: noun ditto, cursive “g”

August 27, 2008

HW- Read for 20 minutes, spelling test tomorrow, review DOL (test Friday)

Classwork- Noun Ditto, Math ditto, Loops “g”, BTS Times

August 26, 2008

Homework: read for 20 minutes

Classwork: Math PS 2-4 PW 5

Noun Ditto, Spelling Ditto, Geography “Globe”

Aug. 25, 2008

HW- ‘d’ cursive, review DOL 1, review spelling words

Classwork- PW4 Math

Fears of 3rd grade

August 21, 2008

cursive “a” ditto

August 20

Complete and turn in the survey of favorite books and authors tomorrow morning.

August 2008

Homework is given Monday-Thursday. The last 5 minutes of each day is given to the students to write down in their homework planners unfinished class assignments and the nightly homework assignment due the following morning. If NO homework is assigned the student will write NO HOMEWORK in the appropriate slot in planner. Please refer back to FAQs page for more information.


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